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crunchyairforcemama said:HOW HAVE I MISSED ALL OF THIS!? Eeep.

hahha it was kind of a spur of the moment type things. hahaha

ourfamilyof3 said: I won’t be telling anyone until I can’t hide it anymore. Dans family completely were rude about it. So they blew their chance.

Wow. my family will definitely know. They will be ecstatic. I just don’t want to tell people until were much farther along. 

miabella987 said: Good luck dear! I didn’t tell with sal until right before gender! It made me feel better and saved some excitement for ourselves! Sending well wishes your way!

Yeah, Its not really even to share the excitement. its more just to save myself from having to tell everyone is anything goes wrong. I told too many people with the first one and it sucked. the second one i kept to myself more. so with my next pregnancy ill definitely be just keeping it to family and close friends. Maybe before the gender, but I’m not sure. 


casey won’t let me buy any pregnancy test until the 15th. hahaha

I’m sad now. 

i just want to pee on ALL the sticks. 

So now i am done updating this blog for a while. Well, at least about TTC stuff.

Because even if i do get pregnant this month, i won’t be telling for a while.

In fact, if i do. I’m really contemplating not telling anyone until we find out the gender. 

Well sans, family and a few close friends.
tumblr might know before that, but I don’t know. we’ll see IF and when that happens.

as of currently, I’m not very hopeful. But we shall see. :) 

lovelyladyandherbaby said:Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Really?!? This is so exciting:):):):)

haha its an ovulation test! don’t get excited. haha

lisajenelle hahaha yeah it’s an ovulation test. Even if I do get pregnant right away, I won’t be telling people for a while. Hahaha but I’m very hopeful I’ll get pregnant this month. But we shall seeeeeee.

At least I know when I ovulate. Haha so that’s cool.

Husband asked me when i ovulate

I was like: I don’t know?!!?? thats why i have the test. But my apps say around the 6-8th. 

Him: So you’re going to start the test the 5th?

Me: No ill probably start the 4th, since its a week long. 

Him: We’re going to have sex 4 times a day that week. 

Me: hahahahahah ooookay babe. 

growingupmcfadden said:Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 you guys were supposed to run off to Narnia and have babies and be super wonderful! Why would they build your hopes!!

Welcome to the military… 

If they fuck us over again, i REALLY hope casey just goes through the med-board again and gets retired. I’m so sick of it all. 

kakakakaitlin growingupmcfadden Nope, our sponsorship packet got denied. 

I’m ready for my period to stop so we can start our TTC

I’ve got 4 months until he leaves..
Heres to hoping we get pregnant before that.